Bang Geul Han 한방글 artist




Generative video installation

Blogreader is network-driven dynamic video installation.This computer-based installation presents a continually updating and changing delivery of texts by extracting and ‘reading’ the latest postings from various teenage blog sites. There is a finite database of 3800 recorded words comprising the figure’s repertoire and when no matching word is found in the database, the stream of words gets broken by a brief moment of silence in which the figure disappears from the screen while the word in question is displayed on the opposite end of the snowscape.

The seated figure(that of the artist herself) mechanically reads each word and element of punctuation out loud. The figure blindly performs the role of a person lost in vast virtual landscape imbued with the anxieties of those at the threshold of adulthood.

In 2015, I further expanded the work to a two channel video installation using 20 paragraphs.


Installation view
Installation diagram